About us

How and why we got started

cleanersnearme.co.uk was founded in 2018 by Scott & Elizabeth Astor and is still fully owned and maintained by them to this very day.

"After years in the cleaning industry, we realised that it wasn't easy at all for the average cleaner to set up their own cleaning business, own website, and marketing it successfully due to just how time-consuming, expensive and difficult it can be.

And so we created the cleanersnearme.co.uk website with the small person in mind, we wanted to provide a platform so that a housekeeper with very few technical skills could still grow their own cleaning business with very little difficulty and affordably.

By simply allowing cleaners around the UK to reserve the areas they can provide a service and get jobs sent directly to their email inbox when they come in through our website.

Today, we're proud to provide a platform empowering individuals and SME owners all over the UK. Everyone deserves a chance at success, and we're happy to see and hear from cleaners using our platform achieving their own goals."

Elizabeth Astor
Elizabeth Astor

I like to make a difference, not just for the few but for the many.