Starting a cleaning business

Advice on setting up your own cleaning company


If you’re looking at setting up a small cleaning business, you should know exactly what to expect.

Starting up your very own cleaning business can be daunting, but hundreds, if not thousands of new cleaning businesses begin trading in the UK each year, with many running successfully and turning a profit.

Failing to plan is planning to fail so it's essential to have a working plan of everything you'll need to do before and after you start operating.

Choosing a company name

One of the most common mistakes is choosing a cleaning business name that is not unique, rememberable or is taken by another company already.

Ask 2-3 of your close friends that will provide you with an honest opinion whether they like the business name you thought up and as recommended by HMRC we also recommend checking companies house to see if there is a company already registered with your business name. If there isn't you're good to go and can rest assured knowing your social media handles should also likely be available!

Research your competition

If you're cleaning business isn't one of a kind chances are there is another successful business in your local area doing what you already plan to do. Research all your local competitors, check the prices of the services they provide so that you don't overprice your services nor undercut by too much once you start your cleaning company.

There are lots more bits to consider but ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they a professional company? What gives you the impression that they are or are not?
  • Do they have lots of good reviews from their customers?
  • What can you do better than them that your customers will just love?

Marketing your cleaning business

We highly recommend reading our more in-depth guide specifically based on this topic.

In the current digital age, marketing your newly founded cleaning business is now easier than ever, you can advertise your services on social media and through Google without even owning a website for your business.

There are also the more traditional ways of getting new clients through the door, such as referrals from your current clients to their family and friends. You could also try leafleting areas you can provide a service.

Staying organised

For record-keeping and tracking the success of your cleaning business, it's very important to keep everything organised.

There are lots of ways to keep you and your business organised with countless apps available for logging business expenditure, keeping on top of cash flow and business appointments.

Our recommendation list:

  • Google Calendar
  • Quickbooks


As you will be cleaning at your customers home and business premises it's best to have your public liability insurance handy to reassure your customers that any mishaps will be dealt with by your insurance provider, not theirs.

If you will plan to be employing members of staff to help you with the cleaning please note that you are legally obliged to take out employers' liability insurance.

Other options

If the above just seems a bit too much for you and you'd like an easier way into the industry then you should consider looking at franchise options.

After all, they have a fully functioning business model for you to follow and you can get tips and advice from your franchisor and fellow franchisees.

The only drawbacks being an initial upfront cost to buy-in to the franchise and following the set guidelines.

There is a sortable list of cleaning franchises on for you to look through, some of which are more affordable and recognisable than others.

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